You must give credit to Bro. Eli Soriano for astuteness. Recently he said something that I think should be considered a real development on his “theology.” Someone asked him: “How do you know which is the true Church?” The argument of Eli can be reduced into three parts:

  1. God’s thoughts are higher than anybody’s thoughts. He adduces texts that validate this assertion.
  2. We should lay aside then our preconceived ideas and let him speak through the Bible. Here is one trick that all fundamentalists do: they begin quoting from the Bible so that no one could question the validity of the assertion. No bible passages are called forth here.
  3. To answer the woman’s question, he picks up a passage where the phrase “Church of God” is mentioned: 1Cor. 1:1-2. He asserts then that the Church of God (Iglesya ng Diyos) is the true Church. And then he adds this: Hindi kami ang Iglesya ng Diyos na binabanggit diyan. Pero, kung aanib kayo sa amin, tinatanggap ninyo ang Iglesya ng Diyos ni Pablo. (We are not the Church of God mentioned in the passage. But if you join us, you are accepting the Church of God of Paul.)

Try to figure that out for some minutes and tell me: what is so wrong about the statement?

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